Venice Boat Show 2019

Venice Boat Show 2019

Finally this year Venice will again host the highly anticipated international event dedicated to all lovers of the nautical world. The location to host the fair will be the imposing complex of the Venice Arsenal, a place of great historical value, a symbol of power and an icon of the Venetian naval industry.

Salone nautico Venezia 2019 With more than 40,000 square meters for display in the water, 1,000 meters of piers and docks, more than 100 moorings in the water and more than 100 spaces for display on the ground. Accompanied by an indoor exhibition structure of 6,000 square meters for indoor exposure and 20,000 square meters for open air exposure, the event takes on a truly impressive and complete structure.

In addition to the exhibition of historical boats, military and traditional Venetian boats, there will be different exhibition moments dedicated to different types of boats: from the smallest, under ten meters, which will be exhibited in the Open Air area, to the largest, up to 35 meters, which will find location in the large dock.

There will also be an interesting indoor exhibition entitled: "Le Tese delle Nappe". Three large communicating stretchers for a total of over 3,500 square meters, fully restored respecting the original architectural structure with the enhancement of the large and very bright vaults that characterize the spaces. Built starting from 1525 in the period of development of the Arsenale Novissimo (1473-1573) along the north wall of the Arsenale. Made as "water faces" or aquatic yards, they have maintained this peculiarity for a long time until the landfill performed in 1880.

The event will also offer great entertainment for children and families, the chance to visit the "Dandolo" submarine, the Naval History Museum and the Ship Pavilion. Attend the performance of sailing and "Venetian rowing" and the competitions of motor boats and sailing regattas.

On the occasion of this great event Marina Santelena, in the days of the show (from 18 to 23 June 2019), will apply a 30% discount on reservations

For more information on the event: Venice Boat Show 2019


Salone nautico Venezia 2019Salone nautico Venezia 2019Salone nautico Venezia 2019Salone nautico Venezia 2019Salone nautico Venezia 2019

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