Magnani Collection, the charm of perfume

Magnani Collection, the charm of perfume

Until March 31st 2019, it will be possible to admire at the Palazzo Mocenigo museum a splendid exhibition dedicated to perfume in its most refined and elegant appearance. They are in fact bottles and containers for essences of exquisite workmanship, as well as ancient and authentic value.

Magnani Collection, the charm of perfume The exhibition laid out in the Androne, the White Room and the piano nobile of Palazzo Mocenigo and curated by Chiara Squarcina and Monica Magnani, presents a selection of 225 scent bottles divided into 10 thematic areas – Chronology, Toys, Souvenirs, Techniques, Nature, Love tokens, Containers, Chatelaines, Tiny and Masterpieces – displayed on the basis of an original interpretation that reveals their intrinsic significance: not only as containers for scent but almost as a ‘manifestation’ of a mood or feeling.

The exhibition is further embellished with a showcase displaying rare vintage advertisements and another featuring antique books on perfume and cosmetics provided by the Biblioteca della Bellezza di Cosmetica Italia – Milan (formerly Unipro – National Union of Industries of perfumery, cosmetics, toilet soaps and the like).

For more information: Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo


Magnani Collection, the charm of perfumeMagnani Collection, the charm of perfumeMagnani Collection, the charm of perfume

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